Why am I receiving an error when adding my seller?

  • If the error you encountered says " 'sample@showingsuite.com ' contains an invalid email address" it is most likely due to an extra space in that seller's email address field. Make sure there are no spaces before or after the email address as that can prevent you from saving the seller's information.


  • If you encounter an error when adding more than 1 seller's email address. When adding more than one email address they need to be separated with a comma and no spaces i.e. sample@showingsuite.com,chris@showingsuite.com


  • If the error you encountered says "We're sorry, but the username you provided already exists inside the Showing Suite system." This occurs when the username selected already exists in our system. All usernames are required to be unique to our entire system. As a result we generally recommend using a combination of the seller's name and house number i.e. Chris123
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