Requesting Feedback in the Showing Suite App

Requesting feedback through the Showing Suite app is easy and convenient! Using the request a feedback function in the app, you can send out a feedback request form while you are out on the field. To do so, just follow the steps below!


  1. Log into your account in the Showing Suite app.
  2. Open up the side bar menu in the app and select "My Listings"
  3. Select the Listing you would like to send out feedback on
  4. Scroll down to the "Send Feedback Request" section. Click the + sign to expand this menu if it isn't already expanded.
  5. Fill out the agent's first name, last name, and email and then enter the date and time of the showing and click Send!
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    Keli Davies

    I want to be able to print out ALL the comments from the showing agents to give to my Seller who does not have INTERNET! (she's 86) Thanks!

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