How do I send an e-blast from the showing suite app?

The Showing Suite app contains easy to use eblast functionality. To send an eblast, log into your account through the Showing Suite app and follow the steps below:


  1. Open the menu sidebar and select the "My Listings" option
  2. Select the listing you would like to send an eblast on
  3. Scroll down past listing details to the "Send E-Blast" option. Tap the plus (+) sign to expand this menu.
  4. Fill out the subject line and body of the message and either select to send it to all Showing Agents or select a different group to send it to.


The eblast will contain photos and details of the listing so you just have to worry about putting in the message you want to send out to showing agents and save time putting together an email with the finer details.

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