How do I cancel or reschedule a showing appointment?

Rescheduling through desktop site - You can reschedule an appointment by going to the View/Edit Pending Showings option on the calendar Actions for the listing. Once in this menu, place your cursor on the "Actions" button to the right of the showing you'd like to reschedule. From here you can either cancel the appointment by selecting the “Cancel Appointment” option or you can select the "Edit Appointment Details" option to reschedule. Once you've selected a new time or date for the appointment, the Showing Agent and Seller will be sent a notification informing them of the reschedule and asking them to confirm the new time.

Rescheduling through the Showing Suite app -
Select "My Showings" from the app menu. Select "Unconformed Showings" and then choose the option to cancel the showing. In order to reschedule you will need to cancel the current showing and then create a new showing. After the Showing has been cancelled, you can then create a new showing at the desired time.

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