Does Showing Robot work on any listing?

Showing Robot can work on any listing that you have either entered manually or has been pulled in by our Listing Sync feature. The only necessary items for the Showing Robot service need to work are:

  • Seller information is added to the listing
  • MLS number/ID is defined for the listing

Once these items have been taken care of, you can utilize the Showing Robot feature on any one of your listings by enabling the listing in your View/Edit Showing Robot Settings.

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    Don Karstedt

    I have no "View/Edit Showing Robot Settings" option. Where is it?

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    Marsha Gardner

    Hi Don,

    For current subscribers of Showing Suite, we will soon introduce a way for you to upgrade / update your account to include Showing Robot. Your first 5 listings using Showing Robot will be free, and after those 5 listings have been utilized, the cost for Showing Robot is $5.00 per listing, per month.

    This change will be made within the next week or so, and you will be able to utilize the Showing Robot feature, as well as an updated User Interface. Look for a link in the "top right" of your account that should read "Update your account". Again, this change should be made in around the next week or so.

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