Why am I receiving “Unmatched Lockbox” emails from ShowingSuite.com?

If you have received an email from Showing Suite.com stating you have unmatched lockboxes, it is because the Showing Suite system was not able to match a lockbox number from a notification email we may  receive from SUPRA to a listing inside our system.

The email will state your lockbox number, and since the showing was not synced, you will need to manually enter the showing if you have an active Showing Suite account. You may need to add the listing inside your Showing Suite account to complete this step.

Please visit this article to add a new listing to your account, if you are unsure of how to complete this step.

If you receive these emails and do not have an active Showing Suite account, you may still receive these emails automatically, because SUPRA is sending this lockbox access notification to the connection email address through your SUPRA account.

To stop receiving these “Unmatched Lockbox”, you must remove this email address from your SUPRA account and you will not receive these emails. Please follow the steps below to remove the e-mail address from your SUPRA account.

1. Login to your SUPRA account: SupraKim
2. Select Settings.
3. Under Showing Settings, click General Email.
4. Under Showing Emails:
  1. Uncheck the 'Send me an email when another agent shows my listings' option.
  2. Remove the email address under Also send a copy to (CC:)
5. Press Save at the bottom of the page.

These are automated emails from our system and will continue to be sent if we are notified via SUPRA’s email notification. If the above steps are taken, you will not receive these emails any further, and the Showing Sync process will not function.
Updated: Dec 2014
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