How do I change my current listings' feedback questions to match my global settings?

The Showing Suite system is absolutely fantastic in allowing you to change your listings to suit its individual needs, but what if you want to change the feedback questions to all match a new set of questions you've devised for your properties? You think it'd be difficult, right? Not so! Once the listing is created in your account - it DOES have its own feedback templates, so in order for you to make these changes, you must go to the Global Feedback Settings, which are for new listings, and change them to meet your needs for your new question set you've devised!.

To change the global feedback settings (which will become the default questions for new listings):

* Click Settings in the top right corner, and using the green action button select "View/Edit Feedback Settings" from the sub-menu.
* Here you can edit the questions for each showing type – Showing Agent, Agent Caravan, Buyer Open House, and Buyer Prospect. By default the Showing Agent template questions are shown, view the other templates by clicking the template names at the bottom.
* There are two yellow buttons where you can Add a New Question or Add Question from Question Pool. You can also select "Reset to Default Questions" (in red to the right) and the program will restore the original questions created by To the right of each existing question there is a dropdown menu under Actions where you can choose to Edit or Delete a question.

Now that you've changed the global settings, you can now change the question set for any listings already in your account. For each listing in your account that is already existing, you can change the feedback templates individually. To do this, follow these steps:

* Select the Showings tab in the top navigation
* If necessary, use the blue search bar on the right to find the desired listing.
* Under the Showing Actions drop-down menu, select View/Edit Question Templates from the drop-down menu.
* Here you will see the feedback question templates attached to this property.
* To reset your questions on this property, select "Reset to Default Questions" (in red to the right) and the program will restore the original questions created by you in the Global Settings.

IMPORTANT: Please note that once you have changed a question for any particular listing, the "View Statistical Report" in the Showing Actions menu will reflect this change by giving you a drop down menu with any 'old' feedback questions answered prior to the change with the dates that question set was active.

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