How do I upload additional listing photos?

Property photos can be added and/or updated at anytime on a listing. Follow the steps below to upload additional photos to a listing –

  1. When viewing your listings, under the Listing Actions menu for the desired listing select View / Edit Listing Photos.
  2. Depending on how many photos are already attached to the listing, there could be anywhere from 0-8 fields with gray Browse... buttons next to them.

    Complete these steps for each photo that needs to be uploaded:
    1. Click the Browse.. button
    2. Locate the file from the computer to upload in the dialog box (Note: the file must be on your computer hard drive).
    3. Click on the image of choice and click Open in the dialog box.
    4. Repeat the steps above for each photo needed to be uploaded for the listing.
  3. Click Upload Listing Images on the right once all of the photos have been selected to upload.
  4. After the page has refreshed and the images have all been successfully loaded, press Finish on the bottom right of the page.

Please note that you can also add additional photos from within your View / Edit Listing Details page on your Listing Actions menu, as well.
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