Why do my listings have a yellow "!" icon?

If you see a yellow "!" icon on the left side of a listing, it indicates that the listing is missing required information.

You can hover your mouse over the icon to see the reason why the listing has been flagged.

Common Reasons

  • You may have entered your email address into the seller email address field. If you do not have a email address for your seller, we recommend entering 'none@showingsuite.com'.
  • The seller's first and last name have not been added. 
  • Seller information may not have been completed if the listing was recently synced by Listing Sync.

Other reasons are easily solved by selecting View Checklist from the Listing Actions button dropdown.

The checklist will give you a quick overview of what has been entered for a particular listing. "Fix" indicates that one or more required fields is empty or incorrect. Click each item to fix or add information to a specific section.

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