How do I create a customer satisfaction survey?

  1. Select the Surveys tab and click on Create New Survey button.
  2. Next select the desired option:
    1. Start from Scratch: Create a survey with a clean slate.
    2. Copy and edit one of my existing surveys: Select a survey you've previously created to make a copy and edit the existing questions.
    3. Copy and edit one of my existing surveys: Select a default survey (buyer/seller) to make a copy and edit the existing questions.
    Press Next once you've made your selection (instructions are based on option #1).
  3. Click on Add Survey Question.
  4. Enter in the question, select the answer type, whether a response is required, and enter possible answers if necessary. Press Save when done.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed and continue to step 5 when finished adding questions.
  6. Once the survey questions are created, click the Next button at the bottom of the page.
  7. In the survey Survey Name and Greeting section, name the survey that being created and give survey page a name.
    1. Survey Name - name the survey so you can easily remember it. This is displayed to the survey recipients.
    2. Survey Page Title - this is what will be displayed as the web browser's title in the actual survey.
    3. Enable Survey Greeting Message is an option for those who want to display a message before the questions on the actual survey. If you check the box next to Enable Survey Greeting Message a textfield will show so you can create a custom survey greeting message.
  8. Under the Survey Progress & Paging Preferences, there is the option to display a progress bar at the top of the survey page and how many questions displayed on each page.
    1. Use the drop down menu next to Progress Display Options to select the progress bar to be displayed at the top of the survey.
    2. To select the number of questions per page use the drop down menu next to Question(s) per page  section and choose how many questions will be displayed on each page.
    3. If you want recipients to be able to jump to the previous page on a survey to change a survey response then you want to check the "Show Previous Button on Survey" option.
  9. In the Survey Completion Settings section you can set the survey to automatically close on a specific date or after a certain number of responses. This is useful if you have a survey you only want to be available for a limited amount of time or only want a certain amount of feedback on. Check the box next to the option you wish to enable:
    1. Automatically end survey on this date - Click inside the text field to set the date you want the survey to close.
    2. Automatically end survey after the following number of responses - Enter the number of responses you want to collect before the survey closes in the text field.
    3. In the After a responder fills out the survey, send them todropdown select what you want to happen once the survey is completed by the client:
      1. Default Thanks Message will just go to a page with a thank you and your signature (including your agent photo).
      2. A Website URL that I have specified will allow you to enter a website address that their browser will redirect to upon submitting their survey response.
      3. Custom Redirect Message option will allow you to enter your own custom message that users will see.
  10. The My Notification Preferences section allows you to opt-in to receive survey summaries on a daily, weekly, monthly, or per-response basis.
  11. Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen.
  12. The Survey Invitation Email Details step allows you to customize the survey invitation email:
    1. In the From Email section enter an email address that will be shown as the sender, by clicking in the field and entering in the email address.
    2. In the Email Subject section, click in the open field and enter the subject to be displayed in the survey email.
    3. In the Email Message section enter in the custom survey invitation to be displayed in the survey email.
    4. The merge fields found to the right can be used to insert information from the account into the message body, to add one of these select the merge field and click Insert beneath the selections.
  13. Once you are done, click on the Preview and Select Contacts button at the bottom of the screen. The next screen will give a preview of the survey (including the greeting message if you entered one):
    1. Use the Next button to view the next page of the survey.
    2. Click Edit Survey to make any edits
  14. If everything looks correct click the Select Contacts button.
  15. Begin selecting who will receive this survey.
  16. Once the contacts have been selected click on the button to Send Survey Invitations at the bottom of the page to send out the survey.
  17. The survey is complete. The program will then be redirected to the Surveys page.

Note: A Red * indicates this field is required.


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