How do I manually add my listing into Showing Suite?

Entering your listings into Showing Suite is easy (although it can be time-consuming if you have a lot of listings). The number of steps vary according to your plan and available features, but you only have to enter the listing once!

If you would rather have the system import your listings directly from your MLS then we strongly recommend that you subscribe to a plan with Listing Sync included and set it up.

(would you prefer to watch a brief instructional video? Please click here)

To manually enter a listing, first click Listings on the top navigation and click the orange Add Listing button.

  • View/Edit Seller Details: Enter the listing's seller details...(Please note: Seller accounts are not included in all plans, if your account doesn't include seller access please skip to step 2)
    • Seller Login Details: Enter a username and password for your seller. The login information is what your seller will use to login to their private console to view feedback, upcoming showings, important documents you've uploaded, and more (options vary depending on your plan). If your seller already exists in your account, use the blue search box to locate this contact by name or email address.
      Note when selecting a username..
      • The username must be unique and cannot contain any special characters.
      • If you receive an error stating that the username exists try adding a number at the end as someone else in our system has already selected that username.
    • Seller Login Details
      • Select whether the listing is bank owned
      • Seller's first name
      • Seller's last name
      • Seller's email address
      • Seller's home phone number
      • Seller's mobile phone number
      • Check whether you want to send the seller a welcome email with their new login information.

Press Next to continue the next step.

  • View/Edit Listing Details: Enter the listing information. All required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).
    • Listing status
    • Property address
    • Cross street
    • Map code
    • Price
    • MLS#
    • Listing date
    • Expiration date
    • Year built
    • Est. sq. footage
    • Bedrooms
    • Baths
    • Property type
    • Parking
    • Occupied by
    • Virtual tour link
    • Listing info link

Press Next to continue the next step

  • View/Edit Listing Photos: Upload up to 8 property photos. Complete these steps for each photo that you wish to upload:
    • Click the Browse.. button
    • Locate the file you want to upload in the dialog box (the file must be on your computer harddrive).
    • Click the image of your choice and click Open in the dialog box.
    • Repeat the steps above for each photo you wish to upload for the listing.
    • Press Upload on the right once you have browsed to all of the photos you wish to upload for the listing.
    • Click Finish and you're done! (or see below if you have Showing Robot enabled)
    Please Click Here to view additional listing options.

(If you have Showing Robot enabled...)

  • View/Edit Showing Robot Settings: Enable or disable the Showing Robot service for this particular listing. Complete these steps to get the full benefit of Showing Robot on your listing:
    • Enable the Showing Robot Service.
    • Add Showing Instructions and Directions for your future Showing Agents to see.
    • Add your necessary Confirmation Contacts. These can be any contact you want, sellers, tenants, agents, whoever needs to confirm showings made through the Showing Robot Service.
    • Add a listing specific Showing Robot Message. Our Showing Robot will read this message to prospective callers looking to schedule a showing.
    • Press Save and you're done!

Tired of entering listings by hand?

MLS connectivity is available for over 200+ multiple listing services with Listing Sync. Check it out!

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