Can I set reminders for contacts?

If you need a way to remember to do something related to a contact in your address book -- say shoot over an email or make a phone call -- then it may be a good idea to set a contact reminder and have the system email you a reminder.

Follow these instructions to set a reminder for a contact:

  • Select Contacts from the top tab navigation.
  • Find the desired contact in your address book by using the blue search bar on the left hand side.
  • Hover over Actions for the desired contact and click View/Edit Reminders.
  • Enter the type of reminder it is into the Reminder Type field. (If it's been previously entered then you can select it from the drop-down menu.)
  • Set the date you want to associate the reminder in the Reminder Date.
  • Set the Importance.
  • Select the number of days before the set Reminder Date that you want the system to email you a reminder from the Remind me drop-down menu.
  • Click Save or Finish when done.
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