Can I edit the feedback request emails?

Yes, you can edit the feedback request emails.

Follow the instructions below to edit the feedback emails –

  1. In the top navigation click Settings and using the green action button select View/Edit Feedback Settings.
  2. All of the feedback email templates will be listed on the page in an accordion fashion. View the templates for the other showing category by clicking one of the category names (Agent Carvan, Buyer Open House, etc).

    Click on the template to edit.
  3. Make the necessary changes to the email.
    • Email Subject – Use this to change what the feedback request subject title is.
    • Email Type – Choose whether the email will go out as HTML/Multipart or text. Note: that if a recipient has HTML disabled in their client they will automatically receive the email in text.
    • HTML Email Content – Enter the actual content to go out in the emails. What is entered here will be sent every time for this particular feedback request email.
    • Email Content Merge Fields – Grab any merge fields that may be needed or wanted by using the drop-down menu.
    • Text Email Content – This shows what will go out if someone has HTML disabled in their email client.


  • You can remove the merge fields (ex: !!!ContactFirstName!!!) but do NOT change the text between the exclamation points. Merge fields are required if you wish for the system to automatically populate the correct information. Read more on merge fields.
  • Press the Save.
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    carolyn knispel

    I just received an email back from a realtor that showed my listing at 4:04pm then at 4:12pm, it sent an email to them for feedback. This is very annoying and inappropriate to send so quickly as realtors are still showing the house. This is unacceptable and cannot see how to delay it for a couple of hours, at least. Please do that. Immediate feedback is not acceptable. Please confirm this is done in my settings by emailing me to

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