How do I edit questions for a single listing?

Important! You can now edit the questions on a particular listing at any time!

Any "old" pending feedback requests or feedback responses logged for the listing will be contained within the View/Edit Showings page and also will have its own drop down menu in the in the View Statistical Report page.

Follow these instructions to change the default question set sent by your system for a single listing:

    1. Select either the Listings, Showings, or Calendar tab in the top navigation
    2. If necessary, use the blue search bar on the right to find the desired listing.
    3. Under the Showing Actions drop-down, select View/Edit Question Templates from the drop-down menu. 

Here you will see the feedback question templates attached to this property. You can switch to the different templates by clicking the names on the right (Showing Agent, Agent Caravan, Buyer Open House, and Buyer Prospect). To use a particular template for this listing, use the Options tab and select the template you will be using for the listing and click Save.

  1. To add a question –
    1. Press the Add a new Question button.
    2. Enter the question in the Question Text field.
    3. Select whether you want the question to be visible to your seller.
    4. Choose the Question Type: multiple choice, multiple choice with open ended text, or open ended.
    5. Enter question answers (not required with open ended questions). At least 2 possible answers must be entered.
    6. Press Save when done.
  2. To add a question from the question pool -
    1. Click on the Add A Question From Question Pool.
    2. On the next page choose from the different question categories, for example New Home Sales Questions or Previewing Questions.
    3. Once the question to be added is selected, click on the question and drag it into the Question Template Box. Locate the next question you would like to add and repeat the same drag and drop process.
    4. After the edits are finished click the Save.   After the change has been saved it will bring you back to the question categories, where the next question category can be edited if needed.
  3. To edit a question –
    1. Hover over the yellow Actions button and click Edit.
    2. Make the necessary changes to the question.
    3. Press Save when done.
  4. To delete a question –
    1. Select Delete from the Actions dropdown menu for the desired question.
    2. Press 'OK' on the confirmation dialog.
  5. To change the question order –
    • Select the question you would like to change the order of then drag and drop it to the desired spot.
    • Repeat until the questions are in the order you would like.
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