How do I enter feedback manually?

Follow the steps below if you collected feedback outside of the system and want to enter it manually:

  1. Select the Showings tab in the top navigation.

  2. Locate the desired listing; you can use the blue search bar at the top right to quickly find the listing if necessary.
  3. Select Request Feedback from the Showing Actions tab and on the next page edit the details for the showing (required fields are marked with a red asterisk *).
  4. Press the Enter Manual Response button on the bottom right.
  5. Mark off the responses and enter any additional comments if necessary.
  6. Press Submit Response on the bottom of the page.

The process is done -- the feedback has been added to the property and will be included in the statistical reports. The seller will receive a feedback notification email depending on the communication preferences on the listing (Note: the 'Seller Receives Email Notifying Them of Feedback' box must be checked).

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