Can I change the default feedback settings?

Yes, the preferences for the default feedback settings can be edited. Including the number of feedback request emails sent, the frequency of the feedback request emails, the default contact type, whether to display the showing agent's first name in the seller view, what notification emails you want to go out, whether to send thank you emails after a feedback response is given, and the default showing frequency (this applies to those that use ShowingSync).

Click the Settings in the top right corner then select View/Edit Feedback Settings from the green drop-down menu at the top of the page.

On this page you can set your personal preferences for the following options:

  • Default Contact Type:
    Selecting the showing type decides which set of questions are to be sent when requesting feedback. By default the showing type is set for Showing Agent, but can be set to Agent Caravan, Buyer, or Buyer Open House.
  • Default Number of Requests:
    This will be the total amount of feedback request emails to be sent whenever requesting feedback.
  • Default Frequency:
    Select the number of days between each feedback request email. (every day, every other day, etc)
  • Display the Showing Agent's First Name to the Seller:
    Choose whether or not the seller will see the first name of the showing agent that showed their home. (Note: The last name is never displayed to the seller, only the first name.)
  • Notify me when Seller Requests Feedback:
    If the seller has been enabled to add showings from their seller account, set whether or not the listing agent will be notified when they enter a new showing.
  • Send Thank You email to Showing Agent after Feedback Response:
    Set whether a thank you email will be automatically sent to the showing agent when they provide feedback.

Once desired changes are completed press Save.

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