What is Foreclosure Feedback?

Foreclosure Feedback is a feedback system tailored for REO listings to help you provide asset managers with the information they need to assess pricing and marketing decisions for their real estate short sale and foreclosed listings.

How it Works

  1. Showings are entered into the system via electronic lockbox or entered manually.
  2. Foreclosure Feedback follows up with 3 feedback request emails spaced 3 days apart.
  3. The showing agent fills out the feedback questionnaire.
  4. Feedback is automatically sent to both you and your asset managers(s).
  5. The asset manager can print out the feedback to document their loan files and justify any listing changes.

Asset Manager Access

Each asset manager will have their very own private console where they can:

  • see information for all REO listings they have with you
  • view all pending feedback requests
  • see any feedback responses provided
  • review comments you have left them
  • check out listing documents you've uploaded
  • print out individual responses or stats for their files
  • add showings (depending on settings/permissions)

Statistical Reports

Foreclosure Feedback automatically compiles all of the feedback responses received into an easy-to-read statistical report to present an overall market opinion of the home. Many agents use to convince asset managers that changes need to be made in order to sell the home (price reduction, repairs, etc).

Contacting Buyer's Agents

Need to announce listing changes? Get the word out for any listing changes to all showing agents that have previewed the property with the e-blast feature (a great way to start a bidding war or recover from a failed escrow). Asset managers take comfort in knowing you have a backup strategy.

MLS & Lockbox Integration

Eliminate the need for data entry by configuring Foreclosure Feedback to work with your MLS and electronic lockbox:

  • Populate all of your listings and associated information in your account with Listing Sync.
  • Import showings automatically from your electronic lockbox with Showing Sync.
    (Works with SentriLock or Supra lockboxes)

Need help getting started?

We suggest checking out the following articles:

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