How can my seller send feedback from their account?

Sending Feedback from Seller Account

To send a feedback request through the seller's account, you will first need to ensure you have enabled a seller to request feedback in their seller account. Follow these steps to ensure you have done this correctly:


  • Once logged in, click on the Showings tab. 
  • If necessary, search for your listings from the blue "Search Listings For..." bar. 
  • Once the listing has been found, please select View/Edit Seller Details under the Listing Actions tab. 
  • On this page, ensure that Seller can send feedback requests has been checked. 
  • Press Save. Now this seller can request feedback.

The Seller can now request feedback through their account by following these steps after the above setting is enabled:


  • Once logged in to their Seller account, click on the Feedback tab. 
  • In the top submenu, select Request Feedback
  • A default request page will show up, and they will fill in the detailed information (Please note: all information marked with a * is required). 
  • Press Send Feedback Request, and the request is sent.

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