My Seller Can't Login

If your seller cannot login to thier account. 

Please make sure that they are either going to the Seller Login you have set up for your page or to the Customer Login at the top right corner of

You will also want to make sure the username doesn't have any wierd characters($, %, & !)  and the password is atleast 6 charaters long.

A good test for this is to copy the username and password you have set for them and login to their account.  Remember you will need to log out of your Showing Suite account First!

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    Bob Bustamante

    Why is this so difficult? Why does Seller have to log in to retrieve their feedback? Not all my Sellers are that computer savvy and I don't have time to train them.

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    Accounting SS

    As long you put the seller details i.e. First Name, Last Name, Email are associated with the listing, they will get the feedback response via email.   The log in to the seller portal is an optional process and we do not require, but encourage them to login to see feedback.  We recommend if your sellers are not going to log in for you to email or print a Weekly or Monthly stat report for them to view the statistical information associated to the feedback requests.

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    Patricia E. Blaney

    Where do I find the user name and password that supposedly I have set for the client?

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    Accounting SS

    You can find the username and password under "edit seller details" which is under the actions tab for each specific listing. When at the listings page, roll your cursor over the yellow button that says "actions" and then click on "edit seller details" and you will be able to see the username and password on the page that comes up.

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