How can I add multiple sellers to a listing?

To add multiple seller email addresses to a listing complete the following steps:

  • While logged into the account click on the "Listings" tab at the top of the screen
  • Locate the property from your active listings page, to the right of the listing hover over the Listing Actions button and select  View/Edit Seller Details
  • In the email field of the seller details add the second email address separated by a comma and no spaces. e.g., (Please note that the second seller is not stored as a contact.)
  • Save your changes.

Once completed both of those email addresses will be notified of showings.

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    Jay Riggs
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    Wayne Ellis

    You should explain on your *notes that you can NOT put a space between the comma and next address, or give an example. I have been entering all of them separated by a comma with a space and had no idea you weren't supposed to put a space. That would be helpful for people to see.

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